Bringing over a decade’s worth of experience with sexual and somatic education alongside shamanic and Tantric training to each session, my passion is serving my clients as a counselor, mentor, confidant and teacher of sexuality and spirituality.  My deepest intention is providing my clients with opportunities to access the wisdom of their own sensual nature and the inner guidance of their body.  

I was raised Catholic in the deep south and attended Catholic school for many years.  I grew up in a sexually repressed and confusing culture.  Abstinence until marriage was the expectation and “sex makes you feel guilty” was the attitude.  Though at the time I felt enveloped by hypocrisy and confusion, fortunately, this set of conservative circumstances would prove to be a blessing by later inspiring me to become a student of human sexuality & gender studies, a devotee of Tantric Spirituality and Shamanism, an insatiable world traveler, and a change agent for healthier sexual attitudes, experiences, and relationships.

My interests in sexuality as a path of study begain in 1999, when upon realizing that the destiny as an architect I had imagined for myself since a very young age was really not what I wanted, I was spun into a moment of collegiate panic about what to do next.  By sychronicity, sociology became my new major and I instantly and without question chose sexuality, gender and identity as my concentration.  It was time to claim the knowledge, information, and (ultimately) Higher Truths about sexuality I had never been given.  So off to Amsterdam I went to study the sociology of sex at the University of Amsterdam, and my first introduction to the awareness of Tantra was soon to follow.

I chose my course of study primarily for personal exploration, never imagining a career path that would allow me to live my passions through my work every day.  I feel tremendous joy that I am able to support others in their transitions to happier, healthier and more whole experiences of sensual wholeness, self-love and intimacy with others.

I have formal training in life coaching from San Francisco State University and am a certified Soul Coach trained by internationally respected author Denise Linn.  I am also a certified sex educator through the San Francisco Sex Information initiative as well as a student and mentee of the Advait School of Tantra in South Africa (www.tantraschool.co.za), a Reiki Master, a CMT, and a trained Dakini (Dakini is a Tibetan word for a woman who teaches the deep mysteries of Self).   I have developed an incredibly sharp intuition and deeply penetrating insight to guide my clients into their deeper Truths about sexuality, love, intimacy and personal growth -- their Sensual Wisdom.

Over the years I have traveled far and wide, exploring the liberal attitudes of Europe, the Ayurvedic wisdom of Nepal, the Tantric rawness of southern Africa, the indigenous sensuality of Central America, and the vivacious sexual expression of Brazil and Argentina.

At the beginning of 2010 I was featured in a History Channel special about the history of Tantra as well as a DVD called "The Path of the Sexual Shaman." 

My personal interests include yoga, massage, fusion partner dancing, hot tubs & saunas, sushi, foreign languages and travel.  My professional interests have been expanding to include advanced somatic counseling techniques, emotional transformation work, aromatherapy, shamanic healing, practical magicTotality Therapy, Hakomi Therapy, and Mutual Awakening.

What I love most about my work is the opportunity to hold a nurturing and sacred space for my clients to feel accepted, embraced, and safe to explore those lesser known parts of their mind, body and emotions.

Claire Noelle Tantra Practitioner