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Awakening Feminine Sexual Essence
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It is time for the sexual essence of women to wake up on the planet. SHE is calling you. And you are feeling it.

Like so many women I have met across the world, you probably have a knowing that there is more to your sexuality as woman — so much more — than what you have accessed thus far.  You feel under your skin that there is so much bliss that wants to wake up in your body, so much love that wants to radiate from you.

You realize somewhere deep that sex is more than gratification of your need or someone else’s.

You know it is a powerful force of awakening. And you sense that there is something awesomely unique about feminine sexual essence.  However, the essence of female sexuality is not much understood in our world. We have forgotten how our sexuality expresses our spiritual essence as the Feminine.

As successful women in the world, we have become more focused on achieving — even in the bedroom — than on feeling. Many women are confused about what it even means to be a woman.

Underneath the confusion is a secret fear of the immense power you sense in your sexuality — and a frustration about how to access that power in a healthy way.

You may be feeling this conflict in you: on the one hand, sex can feel so awkward and exposing that we prefer not to bring too much awareness to it. And on the other hand, you yearn for the pulsating aliveness that perhaps you may have tasted in moments of exquisite lovemaking. You yearn to let your life be infused by that quality of bliss.

The good news is:
your confusion about your sexuality as a woman is not as personal to you as you think.

You have been raised with an outdated masculine model of sexuality that is focused on performance in bed.

Furthermore, our patriarchal heritage has left us with the virgin-whore split in our sexuality as women: you fear your potent passionate sexuality because you don’t want to be seen as a whore but you yearn to express the freedom that is your birthright as woman.

Or perhaps in rebellion, you wildly express your sexuality and find that you have somewhere lost touch with the sacred essence of who SHE really is in you — SHE, the sacred Feminine.

You compromise sexually and make do with what you know is not the real thing. You feel driven to have or give orgasms, and frankly, sex can be exhausting. You know that there is more to feel in our bodies, you know you are more – magnificently more than what you are currently accessing.

Our sexuality as women has been asleep.

But SHE, the pure sexual Feminine, is waking up. She is ready to give birth, through you, to a new evolution of humanity.

You can be part of this awakening.

The way through our limited perception of feminine sexuality is to go within. The way of the Feminine is the way of feeling, from deep inside. From deep inside our bodies and our hearts, we start to feel again the sacred essence of the Feminine.

  • Imagine being deeply in touch with your body with every breath…
  • Imagine feeling an undulating aliveness through your body all through the day…
  • Imagine resting into your own sexuality with deep contentment while being radiantly open to the world around you…
  • Imagine being able to taste the nectar of life in your intimate relating…

These are states that this journey with me could open for you.

Opening the flow of our sexual essence is where it all begins…


This journey is an 8-month exploration using the Awakening Your Feminine Sexual Essence program created by Shakti Malan.  I will guide you through the 7 sections, supporting your discoveries and awakening.  

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Claire Noelle Tantra Practitioner