Couples Coaching


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"We both feel more connected after seeing you and also like we can continue to explore our boundaries around these things; thanks for helping us achieve all that."


A detailed description of my coaching/counseling work is available HERE

To begin:
Fill out my IN-TAKE EMAIL  form.

Once I receive your in-take form, we will set up a time for our initial phone call.  This call will help us determine compatibility and establish what your visions and intentions are for our work together, as well as to discuss logistics, rates, etc.  Our next step will be to schedule a time for our first session.

All first sessions with new-client couples are a minimum of 90 minutes.  Subsequent sessions are a minimum of 60 minutes with email and laser focused phone support available between sessions.

Longer sessions (up to 2 hours) can be requested at any time, on-going or as needed.

I will send you an email with primer questions a few days before our first session (and occassioally before future sessions) to help us all prepare.  The purpose of the preparation is to give you a chance to discern the areas that are most alive for you at the time of our meeting.  You're invited to become curious about where your attention is going in your life and relationship, what if anything is nagging at you, what do you desire to celebrate, is there something you feel it's time for you to learn to empower your growth.  Knowing this ahead of our session (or even identifying it during our session) helps us to make the session as valuable as possible and allows me to provide relevant guidance and resources for your deepening and expansion.

My healing studio is located in Oakland, close to downtown, just off the 580.  Approximately 20-minutes from San Francisco and 30-35 minutes from the north and south bays.  Easy and free street parking is available. 

Phone, Skype and Zoom Sessions:
Sessions can be done by phone, Skype or Zoom for clients living outside of the immediate Bay Area (or with local clients as needed).

My regular schedule is Monday-Friday 10am-6pm.  I can be available when needed (and only if available) on certain weekends, though I prefer to focus our scheduling Monday-Friday day time business hours as much as possible.

$300 for first session (plan on 90-minutes)

$240/hour for on-going sessions


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