What do you do as a counselor and coach?

As a counselor and coach in the realms of sexuality and self-love, I teach you to uncover the thoughts, beliefs and emotions that have been creating your sexual-attitudes and relational-outcomes.  I also help you to see the impact your thoughts, beliefs and emotions have on all areas of your life, not just your sexuality and intimacy areas.  I support you to identify, embrace and transform your previous limitations from guilt and shame to universal acceptance, heart-opened eros, and unconditional positive regard for yourself and others. You’ll also be able to reclaim your sensual and sexual confidence, moving you to greater depths of compassion, understanding and turn-on with your self, your life and with others.  With the counseling and coaching I offer I help you begin lifting the top off of what were previously taboos and resistances in your life.

how does your counseling & coaching work?

There is no set agenda or uniform protocol for the counseling and coaching work I do.  How it unfolds is unique to each client.  However, my primary focus through my intimacy coaching work is to guide you into the depths of cleaning up negativity and limitations in your thoughts, beliefs and emotions, and to identify, intimately understand, and lovingly integrate your shadow aspects -- those parts of you that you'd prefer no one knew about.  Some of the approaches and techniques I call upon from my training include "The Work" of Byron Katie, the teachings of Debbie Ford, exercises from Abraham-Hicks, Toltec teachings, Mantak Chia & Universal Tao, the Path of the Sexual Shaman as taught by Kenneth Ray Stubbs, and so much more.

An additional focus of my work is on your relationship with your Inner Beloved.  Inner Beloved work places attention on the relationship between your Inner Male and Inner Female aspects.  Who are they?  Who from your life are they like?  What do they have to say?  How do they relate to each other?  I've found that the quality of this relationship between Inner Male and Inner Female manifests externally in the quality of any relationship (especially intimate relationship) in our outer life.  In our work together we’ll start at the core of your most fundamental relationship: the Inner Beloved.

What can I expect from a session?

Each session is unique to the client and no two sessions are ever identical, even for the same client.  However, you can expect 60-90 minutes of my full attention on you.  I will be your witness, your faciltator, your mentor, your teacher, your confidant, your coach. 

Before each session I will send you a pre-session questionnaire.  It is important that you send me your responses at least 24-hours before our session time.  Your responses provide me with insights about what teachings, exercises, modalities, and resources may be useful during our session based on where you're at and what you'd like to focus on.

Though I am trained in a number of coaching, counseling and holistic healing modalities as well as versed in an array of teachings, phillosophies, and perspectives, I always defer to my intuition over my technical abilities or intellect.  I call upon my intuition to support how I direct our session.  In this way each session has elements of spontaneity, flow, and organic presence along with preparation, organization, and direction. 

Ii is my commitment that you learn how to access your own internal wisdom thereby mastering your emotions and your life energies so that your and my work can continue to deepen.

Are you ever available early mornings, EVENINGS or weekends?

Yes, I am, but by advance scheduling only. My mornings, evenings and weekends are sacred personal time so I usually have them reserved for personal activities and not work. Nevertheless, I know that not everyone is able to schedule during my normal “business” hours (Monday – Friday :: 10am-6pm) so I am happy to make myself available at other times by request if I am available.

What if i don't live near you?

Not a problem.  I also offer sesions over the phone and by Skype.  

How long is typical coaching session?

Our initial session will be minimum 90-minutes.  From there, each subsequent session can be 60-minutes, 75-minutes, or 90-minutes, depending on what we both decide will be best for you. 

My individual session rate is a per hour rate, whereas my packages are clusters of hours.  The package-hours can be divided into 60 or 90-minute chunks if preferred, and can be mixed or matched.  Perhaps you normally prefer a 60-minute session but there may come a week when a 90-minute session would be more helpful based upon what's happening in your life at that time.  We can accommodate 90-minutes easily.

Please note: If you're running late because you did not properly plan your arrival, I may not be able to honor our full session time if I have others scheduled after you.  The session will still count as a full session.

What is your cancellation policy?

I require 24 hours notice to cancel or reschedule a session at no charge.  If you cancel with less than 24 hours, the penalty is a half session charge or it will count as one of your pre-paid sessions if you purchase a package.  This is my policy except for extraordinary or truly unexpected circumstances, which can be discussed.

Do you offer discounts? Do you barter? Are your rates negotiable?

I do offer occasional discounts or specials to new clients who attend an intro talk or event that I lead.  My package rates, when I offer packages, provide a discount on my single-session rate.  The more sessions you pre-purchase, the larger the discount.  I do not barter for coaching.  My rates are generally non-negotiable.  However, with that being said, I do offer partial-scholarships or financial assistance to those in need on a case-by-case basis.  Please inquire.

What sets you apart from other counselors, coaches and tantra teachers?

Since a young age I have been a deeply introspective person, particularly about sexuality, sensuality and spirituality. Sexuality and sensuality have been far more than physical phenomena for me. They have possessed a direct link to spirituality, and this has inspired my quest for personal and sensual discovery over the past decade.

I see my sensitivity to the marriage of sex and spirit in my personal, not just my professional, life as a huge part of what sets me apart from other intimacy coaches and Tantra teachers. With spiritual teachings inspiring much of the work I do, I am committed to providing my clients with opportunities to access their own sensual wisdom by practicing the techniques and material as well as the meditations and deep spiritual inquiry I share with them.

Additionally, my commitment to personal growth, my intellect, my training and certification as a life coach, a counselor and feng shui practitioner, and the intensive travel I have done over the years and continue to do make me a truly one-of-a-kind coach.  At the foundation of all the work I do is the sacred relationship with our Inner Beloved -- the Inner Male and Inner Female aspects that intertwine inside our Being to re-unite us with the intrinsic Wholeness of our Divine nature.

Tantra -- that's about sex, right?  Will we be having sex together in our sessions?

No.  Because I am a coach, counselor and mentor, the work I do is not hands-on.  I am not trained as a sex surrogate nor do I offer any service that would be considered full-service, prostitution or escorting through my coaching work.  The Tantra that I will be exploring with you begins inside of yourself, starting with your relationship with yourself.  Any suggestions about physical techniques come much later in the process and are for educational purposes.   

Do you have a title?

I do not have an exact title per se. In my sessions I am a counselor, a life coach, a Tantric-based therapy facilitator, sexual shaman and erotic educator. My formal training has been as a counselor, a life coach, a sexuality educator, a dancer, an energy healer and a sexual shaman. What this means is that I'm trained to ask you deep and pertinent questions that open you to more profound understandings and comfort with intimacy, sexuality and love in your life, to guide you through physical and energetic exercises that enhance your body-based energies and emotional awareness, and to help you appreciate the unique beauty of your personal self expression.

How did you become interested in this work?

Each of our paths leads us to where we are for distinct and perfect reasons. The short version of the story is that I became interested in sacred sensuality and erotic education as a way to heal the schism in my own understanding of sensuality and sexuality. I was raised Catholic in the South, and, needless to say, received many mixed messages from my religion and culture about sexuality.

This work is a passion as much as a vocation for me. My path and expression of the work is continually refining itself. My ultimate focus is on teaching the energetics of sexuality (Tantra and Sexual Shamanism), re-educating men and women about sexuality and intimacy as tools for personal and spiritual growth, and working with men, women and couples to manage their sexual energies towards spiritual wholeness and conscious & creative relationships.

Who are your ideal clients?

My ideal clients are men, women, and couples who have an open mind, an intimacy with Spirit, and are hungry to learn how to integrate mind, body, sexuality, and spirit in their living and loving.

How do i contact you to discuss working together?

If you're interested in working together, I invite you to fill out my electronic in-take form.  When I receive your submission, I will follow up with you by email to schedule a FREE 15+ minute phone conversation during which time we will discuss your desires, answer your questions, and determine if we are a match to move forward together.  My in-take form questions will also help you to clarify why it is that you desire to work with a coach, how a coach's support could be most effective in your life, and what shifts you most desire to make.  Your investment of time and resources are valuable.  I want to make sure that we are a great match so that you can derive maximum value from any work we do together.

Alternatively, you can email me directly at Claire@YourSensualWisdom.com 
(I will still request that you submit my in-take form.  Thank you.)

Claire Noelle Tantra Practitioner