Man embodies the love of truth 
while woman embodies the truth of love.

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From working with me, other people have achieved the following.  Which ones might interest you?

  • profound self-awareness and self-love
  • clarity of personal desires, needs, wants, and preferences
  • crystal clear boundaries and communication skills
  • happier and more harmonious relationships
  • expanded curiosity and courage to explore sexuality in new ways
  • expanded capacity to love oneself, others, and humanity
  • deeper appreciation and enjoyment of sensuality and sexuality
  • broadened spiritual understandings and personal practices
  • accepting, expressing, and honoring the whole Self -- totally and unconditionally

I have discovered that...
Before any techniques or physical practices can be helpful to enhance your sensuality and sexuality, what needs to be uncovered first are your beliefs and attitudes about sex and relationships, along with any and all misinformation (conditioning and traumas) you've collected over your life.

What have you been told or been telling yourself your whole life about sex, your body, your desires, your erotic nature?  What stories and experiences have been lurking in your subconscious, negatively impacting your relationships, including your most important relationship -- your relationship with yourself?

As a counselor who focuses on the integration of sexuaility, spirituality, and self-love, I help you uncover and ultimately integrate the thoughts, beliefs, traumas, and emotions that have been UNCONSCIOUSLY creating your sexual attitudes and experiences, as well as affecting your relationships: ALL of them; keeping you from the intimate happiness, harmony, and deep abiding love (especially for your whole self) that is possible.

I help you identify and transform previous limitations of guilt and shame in your subconscious into confidence and relaxation in your everyday experience.  I also help you reclaim your sensual and sexual confidence by shifting your attitudes and beliefs, moving you to greater depths of compassion, understanding and turn-on. You become the director once again of the movie that is your greatest life!  You also reclaim and renew your relationship with your "Self" as a holistically sacred being.

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The therapeutic elements I incorporate in my work include:

  • Questioning beliefs (past, present, future) about sexuality, intimacy, and beyond
  • Emotional integration work related to deepening intimacy with self and others
  • Mindfulness meditation and practices related to the 5-senses
  • Integration of the "shadow" as related to sexuality and desire
  • Creation of a sexual avatar for your sexually-empowered future
  • Conscious and non-violent language practices for expressing your desires and fears to others
  • Compassionate communication to enhance your relationship skills
  • Embodied dialogue to restore Masculine/Feminine integration in your being
  • Identification and transformation of sexually negative stories; re-writing the stories
  • Dynamic embodiment meditations such as yoga, dance, BioDanza, etc.
  • Guidance in heart-centered touch
  • and more...


My sessions are a personalized mixture of:

  • gentle breath awareness to enhance
  • Yogic and Taoist energy movement techniques
  • nervous system re-patterning for greater relaxation and pleasure
  • shamanic techniques for cultivating intuition and self-awareness
  • guided meditations
  • enactment, embodiment, role play, movement, and sounding
  • techniques for deep emotional exploration and release
  • counseling and discussion for deeper integration of the above modalities and more


NOTE: My work is somatic counseling/coaching (talk-based with the use of intentional touch for the purposes of teaching, not arousing). I am NOT a sex surrogate or an escort.  No explicit sexual activity or mutually arousing touch is ever offered, implied, or contracted for. 


My work is for:

  • Men, women and couples who are CURIOUS ABOUT and even HUNGRY FOR exploring, cultivating, and fulfilling their deepest  selves (in or out of relationship) in a whole-bodied context (mind: body: spirit)
  • Men, women and couples who are committed to having an intimate ("deeper") relationship with themselves, each other, and "Spirit".
  • You will find my work especially beneficial if you are on a path toward self-understanding, if you are intuitive and energetically aware, if you are committed to feeling the emotions and sensations that arise, and if you are committed to feeling more love and happiness in your life.

** Be warned that this work is highly catalytic (capable of speeding up your personal evolution) and I am trained to laser in on where you have been hiding, deflecting, and even lying to yourself about both your negative and positive qualities.

The purpose of our work together is:

  • To arrive at simple and pure awareness of who you are – your essential self, in your body, in your sexuality, in your senses, in this moment – and the ability to live in the moment, in your daily life, in your total and complete loving, in your ever-opening evolution.
  • To allow the awareness and integration of everything that is unconscious in you: all conditioning, associations, fears, desires and other filters that have been keeping you from living in this present moment and expressing your natural state of happiness and connection.

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Claire Noelle Tantra Practitioner