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The Soulmate Within
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In our culture, the myth of the Soulmate runs strong – the Soulmate being that one you long for, who will meet your soul, your sex and your heart perfectly. And yes, there is a soulmate for you. But Mr or Mrs Right is not out there.S/he is inside – you. [kissing-frogs-image-for-shakti]

Inside every human being, regardless of our biology or sexual orientation, we have both a masculine and a feminine aspect. If one aspect is dominant in us, we unconsciously project the opposite out on others.

Our quest is that of the ancient Tantric masters: to get to know both our masculine and feminine aspects, and to bring them together in unity. It is time for the True Lovers to meet themselves in your life, in passionate embrace and endless discovery. You know you want this. And now is the time. As you embrace and cultivate this inner love affair, your outer relationship life miraculously manifests this love.

It’s time to wake up and come back to yourself – to pull back your projections and expectations and take a good look inside. You  [shutterstock_146445494] have all the answers inside. The seed of this great love lives inside you. You just have to know how to look. You have inside of you the seed of a great man, a deep woman – one who can grow to love beyond his/her needs and expectations, and live and awesome, sexy and majestic life.

Once we have truly returned to ourselves in great love, we we can show up in sexual partnership and open the doors to rapid mutual evolution, radical intimacy and cosmic sexuality.

I'm currently offering this work on a personalized basis.  Contact me if you'd like to explore this option together.

Claire Noelle Tantra Practitioner