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Ten Tantric Partner Meditations
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There comes a time in your life when you realize that nothing – nothing you could ever achieve or possess – is as valuable as the quality of your Love.

You want to give your lover a quality of presence so profound, it blows your mind to even feel into it.. even though you may only have sensed it yourself, you know it is there, and your whole being moves towards this possibility with a full YES.

Because you are such a lover of Love itself, this Tantric Partner Meditation series is for you. Tantra is the practice of cultivating divine union, in the beyond as well as in our lives and in our lovemaking.  All ten of the Meditations offered in the program are from from a classic Tantric text called theVijñāna Bhairava Tantra   – offered to you in an entirely modern idiom. Tantric Partner Meditations create an immensely powerful space to transform your lovemaking into a meeting of Love and Presence – which in turn can open the doors to untold levels of wildness, sexiness and play in your union.


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Claire Noelle Tantra Practitioner