I have experienced intense healing and insight from my sessions working with Claire. She has facilitated the work with the highest levels of care, respect, and commitment. Claire is a wise, intuitive mentor and each session with her has felt like a small journey into a larger one.  She is an amazing woman with a rich range of knowledge, and working with her has been a healing and empowering experience that has helped me change old patterns and remember my way home.  Thank you so much Claire for holding me with so much compassion during our sessions.  It's really been transformative!        -A.B., Sacramento, Ca


Claire is a creative and resourceful coach. I first came to her to help improve my marriage or find ways to re-define it. Over the last year, I’ve learned to be more honest with myself, explore the unconscious (sexual) tensions pulling me in different directions, and transform my deepest desires into activities that expand my consciousness in courageous, unexpected ways. In a critical time in my life, she has helped me cultivate a more internal, spiritual sense of intimacy and presence rather than constantly reaching out for love and approval outside of myself.           -D.K., SF Bay Area


Working with Claire was so amazing and immensely relaxing for my system. She is a great coach, and she always has created a trustful and safe container for the entire duration of our sessions. What I love about her is truly the unconditional acceptance and love that she radiates with her entire being, and she has always made me feel at home within myself. The nonjudgmental space that was shared between us was very healing and transformative for my growth process, and that allowed me to open up and free myself from old patterns of shame and guilt that were weighing me down.  I so love Claire's sense of humor, exquisite playfulness and outside of the box thinking. She is so easy to work with and a joy to be around; nonetheless, she carries so much innate wisdom and her insights are spot on. Claire embodies so beautifully both the masculine and the feminine energy, and the exercises that we've done together have brought so much clarity and softness in my life! She is definitely an extraordinary coach who I highly recommend anyone to work with and have in their life!!      -A.I., Sacramento, Ca

I worked with Claire for over two years. I came to her in crisis and she helped put things in perspective for me and guided me down a path of self awareness, identifying what worked and didn't work for me in relationships, and, ultimately, finding healing. I learned about radical honesty with myself and others. I learned  about being true to myself and living in integrity with myself in all aspects of my life. Each session with Claire was enlightening and moved things forward. She has wisdom beyond her years and is a natural at this kind of work. Claire has helped me on my journey to know myself and be the best version of myself that I can be. I recommend her to anyone that is serious about doing the work and looking to find themselves.      -J.M., San Francisco


Claire is amazing. She is understanding, intuitive, intelligent, and compassionate. In her sessions she will guide you with deep wisdom, kindness, and inspiration well showing you the door then letting you discover how to open it so that your answers are organic and true to yourself. She gently leads you to your own resolution of self healing at your pace without forcing an idea or opinion on you but rather help you stay on track and on a healthy path for your own healing journey of self discovery. No matter your obstacle, I am confident Claire can aid you on your path of self healing and self discover in her warm, caring, and safe space. Thank you Claire!    -A.F., SF Bay Area


Claire helped me make major breakthroughs with very difficult, long-term sexual issues. Her insight, compassion, and skill were transformative. I'll always be grateful for the healing and integration she facilitated.     -R.W., SF Bay Area


Claire provided me with a safe, energetically clean, and open container to explore challenging topics. With her help, I was able to challenge beliefs that were no longer serving me, with vulnerability, openess, and strength. I highly recommend her coaching, and her facilitation to anyone who is ready to go to their next level.     -W.C.H, SF Bay Area


Claire has been an amazing and helpful practitioner.  Specifically important for me is how accepting and easy-going she is in the presence of speaking into sensitive, intimate and vulnerable areas. I felt seen, heard and empathized with.  Claire also has a keen capacity to sort through the myriad of tangled confusions to help zero in on the thread to pull.  She was able to offer me very specific tools, new vantage points, and resources to work with. I'm still employing those practices now and with great gratitude.   -J.B., Toronto, Canada


Claire is living life, full of experiences, and if you are lucky enough to work with her, you will find yourself inspired simply by her spirit... let alone the wisdom she speaks so fluently.    -W.D., Eugene, Oregon


Claire has opened a whole new world to me through her classes, our coaching time together and her deep spirituality. She has the most wonderful combination of organizational ability, presentation skills and depth of caring in her courses; as well as being a kind, accepting and discerning spiritual guide in my personal journey of discovery. She has helped me explore the dark night of my soul,  and share its fears, shame and dysfunction. Then take in all of this and become a more, compassionate, spiritual and sexual being. I have unearthed and shared with her things I’ve never told a living soul. Through her profound empathy, we have come to better understand the forces which have helped shape me and work toward a fuller love of myself and others.  Surely, she is the mistress of “all that’s best of Dark and Bright.”    -C.C., SF Bay Area


Claire’s work with sexuality and the Shadow had immediate and liberating effects over my sexuality. However, I was awestruck by the magnitude and depth of its effects in other areas of my life: I have become a better professional and my income has increased. I have been working with consciousness development and the unconscious mind for 22 years already. Despite that, Claire was able to develop my consciousness in truly innovative ways. Without any moral judgment whatsoever, Claire is the perfect balance between knowledge, wisdom and love. She is able to deliver that which I consider to be the ultimate criteria of the validity of a given work: immediate and concrete results.    -F.C., Lisbon, Portugal


Claire is a lovely companion for inner journeys. She has facilitated and joined me in some of the deepest dives that I have ever experienced; even counting my 15 years of workshops and training courses. She is naturally curious and motivated to grow her own gifts, and then she is profoundly generous with sharing her wisdom. I count myself uncountably lucky to have her presence in my life to help me smooth out some of these sharp chapters. Her demeanor is both patient yet probing, accepting yet anticipatory such that I can reach deeper levels if I keep feeling into them. I know that I am a more well-rounded human because of the time I have spent with her.    -D.S., SF Bay Area


Claire is truly a gifted facilitator, trainer and coach. Her presence is profound. I was immediately drawn in by her capacity to transmit, listen and respond with her whole being. Her calmness settled my body. Her soft voice soothed me. Her intentional and paced words sustained my attention. Her eyes penetrated mine. I felt intimacy even though I was one of more than 60 people in an on-line class. In our individual coaching sessions, she drew from a deep well of wisdom to facilitate my learning and growth. I have taken leaps in my healing and look forward to more under her guidance.   -A.N., Boston, Massachusetts

Claire Noelle Tantra Practitioner