Have you ever stopped to ask yourself: 

What do you know about sex and where did you learn it?  
What more might there be to know about yourself
as a sexual being?

What did you learn about love and what expectations
do you have of it?  Is your love life as satisfying to you as it could be?

What did you learn about how to be in relationship? 
...with yourself?  ...with another?
From whom did you learn this?  And is it your Truth you’re living?

Would you say you do in fact love yourself
...totally and completely?
And if not yet, do you know where and how to begin?

What might be possible beyond the relationship models
we’ve been given in our culture?  Do you feel you may have outgrown the options
and are ready to explore a new paradigm of loving possibilities?

 Our work together can help you explore these questions and more -- inside and out.  

The sensual, sexual, emotional and relational natures of us humans can be mysterious and confusing, as well as nurturing, extraordinary, and rich with the dynamic flow of desire, life phase, personal inquiry, and self-awareness.

It’s never too early or too late to engage the self-inquiry process.  I feel strongly that one of the most valuable things we can do in this life is come to know ourselves as deeply and thoroughly as we can.  That journey is never done, as more and more layers are revealed.  Nevertheless, life becomes an even sweeter adventure when you have maps of self-awareness, tools for self-understanding, deep wells of self-love, and the wisdom and support to navigate life’s many terrains.

I invite you to join me in a journey that brings you lovingly back home to YOUR SENSUAL WISDOM, learning to access answers, awareness, and awakening through your own sacred, sensual, emotional, relational Being.

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Claire Noelle Tantra Practitioner