About You
Are you hungry to know?

~What remains unhealed, incomplete, or still in the shadows for you around your sexuality?

 ~What has been keeping you from totally and completely loving yourself and others?

~What desires, fears, and boundaries are within your relationships?

 ~What would a sexually-healed human society look like and how would you live your life inside of that?


Let's become curious together! 

Let's create a counseling relationship safe enough to realize an edgy investigation and transformation of guilt, shame, and the social conditioning that has been inhibiting your healthiest sensual expression and personal freedom.



Let's explore your Questions and your Depths.

The sex, self-love & relationship counseling work I offer is a combination of my years of study as well as my voracious personal interest in human sexuality, gender studies, Tantra, personal development work, spiritual inquiry, energy-healing, life coaching, holistic therapies, and emotional integration work.

My passion is working with men, women and couples who are inspired to be sexually healthy and whole in their lives, and who understand that because our inner worlds are mirrored in our outer worlds, the work to be done to manifest in the outer realms begins on the inside.

You, as my ideal client, are likely an urban professional, cultural creative, and/or spiritual seeker.  You are probably somewhere between the ages of 25 and 65, and are any sexual and relational orientation.  You desire a deeper Depth of understanding and integration of self, sexuality, love, intimacy, and spirit.

Because Tantric spirituality is at the core of all of my work, you will learn not just about your body and your phsyical sexuality, but –more fundamentally—you’ll learn about your inner realms: your strategies, coping mechanisms, patterns, and possibilities.


In our work together we’ll be exploring these bigger questions.

• What is real?  What is constructed?
• Who am I? Am I my story? Am I my body?
• What is love really? Can I live in it? Can I live as it?
• Am I willing to accept and embrace my desires and my fears?

The answers you'll find in the Depths of your Being will also be the answers to the questions floating on the surface of your life.


If you’re ready, from Deep within your Being, to not just know love but to BE LOVE, to experience and express the Totality of your Being, I'm looking forward to working with you.

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Claire Noelle Tantra Practitioner